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Arena 3D Illustration

TYPE: 3d

"Time slows down. Adrenaline pumps through a lone warrior's veins giving him a heightened sense of awareness in anticipation of the imminent attack. Facing enumerable odds, he braces for impact while the crowd cheers for blood. Who will be victorious?"

This project is the second 3D collaboration between my brother and I. Started working on some of the models a few years back, and over time built a scene around it in my spare time, which I used to learn and pracitse a bunch of tools and techniques. Later my brother joined in and we took it to the next level.

Concept, Modelling, Texturing, Scene Setup, Lighting, Rendering: Konrad Dobson.
Layout, Compositing, Soundtrack: Roland Dobson

Arena Final Arena Final Arena Concept1 Arena Concept1 BugRider Model Front BugRider Model Front BugRider Model Back BugRider Model Back Bug Model Front Bug Model Front Bug Model Back Bug Model Back BugRider Model Final Front BugRider Model Final Front King Area King Area Statues Statues Arena Mockup Arena Mockup Arena Mockup 2 Arena Mockup 2
Floral Test Floral Test