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This project was a test case for figuring out a good AI enhanced workflow to go from handmade drawing to a finished digital art piece. Went from ballpoint pen drawing to Stable Diffusion, trying out a ton of settings, pre-trained models, style combinations and such, then once I had something I was happy with, re-generate specific parts I didn't like, such as the creature's shell, the ground which I wanted to fill with bones, make him drool, the rock face & background, etc. Then once that was done, I took it into Photoshop to fix up the wonky bits. Like gave him a second eye, antennas, fix the legs, add some skulls, fix the background, etc. Really enjoyed this workflow and am quite impressed by the speed of it. Making something like this would have otherwise taken me weeks of spare time. But I finished this whole piece in just two days. *mindblown*

Beetle Final HR Beetle Final HR
Beetle Pen Drawing Beetle Pen Drawing Beetle SD Output Beetle SD Output Closeup1 Closeup1 Closeup2 Closeup2