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Milcobel 3D Typography

TYPE: 3d
CLIENT: Milcobel
AGENCY: Impact Communications

Wanted to do some 3D typography for a while now, so this project came around at just the right time. The client wanted a newyears card with '2020' written in milk on a flat surface. So I made a few rough mockups, and worked out the chosen design. Once approved, brought it over into Zbrush and made it 3D. From there, moved the whole thing over to Keyshot and rendered out some passes which I then comped together in Photoshop and added the tree etc.

Milcobel 3D Typography Milcobel 3D Typography Milcobel Water Pass Milcobel Water Pass Milcobel Mockup Milcobel Mockup Milcobel Alpha Milcobel Alpha Milcobel Zbrush Sculpt Milcobel Zbrush Sculpt Milcobel Testrenders Milcobel Testrenders