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Mixed Animations 2

A couple of older animations to illustrate a bit more of my workflow, although hopefuly that's all improved a bit in the meantime ;) Storyboards are typically drawn by hand, then character designs created in Photoshop and later I redraw the final characters in Illustrator or Animate so they can be animated in either Animate or After Effects. Among these were my very first frame by frame animations, which is always a challenge. I did a lot of the sound design myself too.

Fedagrim Animation Concepts Fedagrim Animation Concepts Fedagrim Animation Concepts2 Fedagrim Animation Concepts2 Fedagrim Storyboard1 Fedagrim Storyboard1 Fedagrim Storyboard2 Fedagrim Storyboard2 Fedagrim Storyboard3 Fedagrim Storyboard3 Fedagrim Storyboard4 Fedagrim Storyboard4