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Mixed Illustrations 1

TYPE: illustration

A couple of my older favorite projects from back in the day that probably shouldn't still be on my portfolio anymore, but I just can't delete them entirely either. I rather like having them online in one place to look back on. And some people occasionally ask me about some older work, so voila!

Hoppa Illustration Hoppa Illustration Mixed Projects Mixed Projects Grandma Pen Drawing Grandma Pen Drawing Trooper Sketch Trooper Sketch Trooper Illustration Trooper Illustration Watcher Concept Watcher Concept Attacking Demon Pen Drawing Attacking Demon Pen Drawing Alien Beetle Pen Drawing Alien Beetle Pen Drawing Demon Concept Demon Concept Manzonderkop Piggy Manzonderkop Piggy Pictogram Illustrations Pictogram Illustrations Eyes Self Portrait Pencil Drawing Eyes Self Portrait Pencil Drawing Crab Attack Concept Sketch Crab Attack Concept Sketch Ambassadors Ambassadors