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Hi! I'm Konrad, and I just love making stuff!
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Hi there! I'm Konrad. Freelance digital creative with a broad range of interests who just loves making things.

I was a 90's kid who loved drawing, exploring abandoned buildings, reading comic books, playing video games, and watching cartoons and war/scifi/horror movies. I've always been fascinated with history, ancient cultures, art, technology, mythology, animals, creepy crawlies, dinosaurs, etc. Those early interests clearly left a mark and their influence can still be seen in my work today.

I have over 15 years experience working mainly in the advertising industry as a graphic designer, web designer, front-end developer, motion designer, animator, and 2D/3D illustrator. And I've been lucky to have worked with a ton of great clients, agencies, colleagues and friends over the years. Some of those projects can be seen on this website.

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• Graphic Design
• Image Editing
• Layouting
• DTP/Prepress
• Banner Ad Mockups
• Web Design / UX / UI


• Motion Graphics
• Social Videos
• Explainer Videos
• Character Animations
• HTML Banner Ads
• HTML Animations


• 2D illustration
• 3D illustration
• Concepting
• Storyboarding
• Character Design
• AI Image Variants


Some of the clients I've worked for over the years include: Red Bull, Opel, Nikon, Samsung, Blokker, Frisk, Aoste, Elvea, Marcassou, Coca Cola, Essent, Lampiris, Lego, Vanbreda, Keytrade, Medirect, HUB Brussel, Volvo, SEAT, Libelle, Skoda, MTV, Universiteit Antwerpen, Nestlé, Flair, Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen, Century 21, Torfs, Immo De Laet, Discovery Channel, Poweo, BKCP Bank, De Standaard, Whim, Goodyear, Heinz, Stad Antwerpen, Philips, MNM Radio, Syngenta, KIA, Informazout, J&B, C&A, Diekirch, Haribo, KBC Bank, Come a Casa, Gamegear, Fostplus, ...